Cobourg Soccer Club Inc.

Soccer for the Whole Family!
The Cobourg Soccer Club Inc. (CSC) strives to provide soccer for anyone who wishes to play soccer at various levels.
General Information
Youth Recreational Soccer League
Regular games are played Monday – Thursday evenings starting at 6:30 pm. Teams play one game and one practice per week. Regular attendance is expected to ensure a successful season. In order to balance teams in the various divisions, the Club reserves the right to transfer players between teams. We will endeavour to complete the balancing by mid June.
Ladies Recreational Soccer League
Games take place on Sunday evenings. A practice will be held at 6:30 pm with the games starting at 7:00 pm.
We also have 3 teams that play in the Durham Soccer League. These teams play at a higher skill level and travelling is involved. Games are played on Wednesday evenings at either 7pm or 9pm.
Men’s Recreational Soccer League
We have 1 team that plays in the Durham Soccer League. This team is a travelling team and games are usually played on Sunday evenings at either 7pm or 9pm.
The CSC would love to start a Men’s League. If you are interested in participating in this, please contact the office.
Competitive Soccer League
The Cobourg Soccer Club Inc has girls and boys competitive teams that play in the various leagues. Tryouts for these teams can start as early as September with the final cut usually being made in March. If you would like more information please contact the office.
Recreational Outdoor Season
June – August
Wind Up Day – Last Saturday in August
Competitive Soccer Season
May – September
Recreational Indoor Season
November – February
Player Equipment
The Club supplies a complete uniform for the Outdoor Season (jersey, shorts and socks) and a jersey for the Indoor Season. This uniform is to be worn by all players. Players must wear shin guards that are completely covered by soccer socks. Soccer jerseys should be tucked into the shorts during play. Jewellery (watches, rings, piercings, etc) cannot be worn during the games because of potential injury. Playing with casts and orthopaedic devices will need to be approved by the Technical Director / Board of Directors.

Yvonne de Graaff
Club Administrator
Cobourg Soccer Club
700 D’Arcy St.
Cobourg, ON
K9A 5T3
Ph: 905-377-9361
Fax: 905-377-8097