Cascades Boxboard Group

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A quick summary of the products manufactured at our Cobourg plant is as follows:
Cascades offers a wide range of folding cartons, adapted to its customers’ specific needs. Cascades has the flexibility and the expertise to manufacture paperboard packaging in different formats and print in multiple colours that enhance the shelf-appeal of your products.
Alain Levac, CGA, MBA
General Manager
Cascades Boxboard Group, a division of CASCADES CANADA INC.
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1090
Cobourg (Ontario) Canada K9A 4W5
Shipping Address:
Northam Industrial Park, Building 1 East
Cobourg (Ontario) Canada K9A 4L1
T : 905-377-2165
F : 905-372-4663
C : 416-729-5179